Why Does PayPal Need My Address?

Why does PayPal need my street address?

Meaning: PayPal needs to know your real name and address, but you can make up a business name that will appear on all PayPal transactions.

Unless you are having items shipped to you, there is no reason for someone sending you money to know your home address..

Does PayPal send mail to your house?

PayPal will not send you a bill via snail mail. All transactions are recorded online. You receive an email notificaton of your transaction and the same information will apprear in our your Account Transactions History .

How do I hide my address on PayPal?

The only way to keep your address hidden from buyers is to mark your payments as a service.

How do I know if an email from PayPal is genuine?

You’ll know that an email is not from PayPal when: It begins with a generic greeting like ‘Dear user’ or ‘Hello, PayPal member. ‘ We’ll always begin with your first and last name or the business name on your PayPal account. It asks for financial and other personal information.

Can you trace a PayPal account?

No you can’t track somebody on PayPal. PayPal has no tracking capabilities for people and even if they did they wouldn’t let you use them. … Since your PayPal account has all your personal data, the answer would be yes.

How can I be anonymous on PayPal?

To make an anonymous online payment with PayPal, you’ll need to register a payment card or bank account. When you make the transaction, your recipient will only see your registered name and e-mail address.

How do I hide my real name on PayPal?

You can hide your real name by setting up a PayPal business account with your pen name as the name of your business. You still have to tell PayPal your real name, but customers will only see your business name.

How do I pay someone on PayPal without an account?

How to send money through PayPal without an accountStep 1: Click on ‘Pay now’ in the email or invoice you’ve received. Assuming you’ve received the email detailing the payment, simply click on the ‘Pay now’ button. … Step 2: Enter your credit or debit card details. … Step 3: Confirm the payment.

Can you use a fake name on PayPal?

A person isn’t alllowed to use a fake name; that’s against PayPal policy, but people still do it. Since PayPal has your SSN and other information it is unulikely you would be able to open a new account as those numbers are on record and couldn’t be used again.

What does PayPal confirmed address mean?

A confirmed PayPal account address means that the buyer’s credit card billing and shipping address are the same. At this time, we cannot confirm most addresses outside of the U.S. If your seller requires a confirmed shipping address, we suggest you contact them directly.

Does PayPal show your email address?

By default PayPal does display the legal name you signed up to PayPal with as part of the transaction information. … You can also add up to 8 email addresses to your PayPal account and link to an alternative email if you’d prefer to use a different email address to the one you used when you created your PayPal account.

Can people see my address on PayPal?

In their (the sender) Account Transaction History, they will see your real name and email address if you have a Personal or Premier Account, if you have a Business Account, they will see your business name and email address.

Do they send anything to billing address?

Billing Address is where the bills are sent (either from the retailer or from the credit card company) – billing address is important information to prevent credit-card fraud or theft. The billing address is exclusively used to verify the credit card. Ship-to Address is where the merchandise is sent.

How do I change my address on PayPal?

How do I add, change, or remove a street address on my PayPal account?Go to your Settings page.Click Manage all addresses. To add a new address, click Add address. Enter the details and click Add Address. To change an address, click Update. Make the edits and click Update Address. To remove an address, click Remove.

How do I change my display name in PayPal?

Click the Settings icon next to “Log out.” Click Update below your name. Select your type of name change. Follow the instructions on the screen and click either Continue or Update Name.