What Is Remote Mode?

What’s ICT stand for?

Information Communication TechnologyICT stands for ‘Information Communication Technology’.

Everyday usage of digital technology includes when you use a computer, tablet or mobile phone, send email, browse the internet, make a video call – these are all examples of using basic ICT skills and technology to communicate..

What is a remote area?

Remote areas are defined as places that are out of the way or considerably secluded from civilisation. Remote areas are really just a more extreme extension of rural areas.

What does not remote mean?

1 located far away; distant. 2 far from any centre of population, society, or civilization; out-of-the-way. 3 distant in time. 4 distantly related or connected.

What is data analysis in remote sensing?

Remote sensing is a technique used to collect data about the earth without taking a physical sample of the earth’s surface. A sensor is used to measure the energy reflected from the earth. … The land cover and change analysis data provided on this CD-ROM were classified using Landsat TM imagery.

What is the similar meaning of remote?

remote(noun) Synonyms: poor, faint, wireless, dispassionate, outlying, improbable, hidden, abysmal, removed, distant, disconnected, aloof, far, withdrawn, hands-free.

What does Remote mean for jobs?

A remote employee is someone who is employed by a company, but works outside of a traditional office environment. This could mean working from a local coworking space, from home, at a coffee shop, or in a city across the world.

What are the types of remote sensing?

There are two types of remote sensing technology, active and passive remote sensing. Active sensors emit energy in order to scan objects and areas whereupon a sensor then detects and measures the radiation that is reflected or backscattered from the target.

What is the process of remote sensing?

Remote sensing is the process of detecting and monitoring the physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance (typically from satellite or aircraft). … Cameras on satellites can be used to make images of temperature changes in the oceans.

How do you describe a remote?

adjective, re·mot·er, re·mot·est.far apart; far distant in space; situated at some distance away: the remote jungles of Brazil.out-of-the-way; secluded: a remote village;a remote mountaintop.(of an electronic device or technical process) operating or controlled from a distance, as by remote control: a remote camera.More items…

What is ICT mode?

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education is the mode of education that use information and communications technology to support, enhance, and optimise the delivery of information. Worldwide research has shown that ICT can lead to an improved student learning and better teaching methods.

What is the meaning of ICT lab?

The computer lab aims to provide basic functional computer services for users who may not have access to such technology at home or elsewhere. … These labs are used has a place for free Internet access to students and a place to perform Computer Based Examinations and Web Based Examinations (NBME).

Does remote mean online?

In short, remote teaching occurs when the instructor, transition the delivery of an on-campus course to online. An online course, however has been purposely designed for online teaching using online learning design principles.

What does it mean when someone is remote?

adjective. If you describe someone as remote, you mean that they behave as if they do not want to be friendly or closely involved with other people. She looked so beautiful, and at the same time so remote. 6. countable noun.

What is remote analysis?

Definition of remote analysis Remote analysis takes place when analyst and patient are not present in the same room. It can be conducted by phone or through the use of VoIP technologies (with or without a webcam), such as, for example, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.

What are ICT based facilities?

What is ICT based facility in the DU exam form? … ICT is a broad term that includes any device used for communication including radio, computers, cell phones, satellite systems, television, various other systems, and applications with them such as distance learning and video conferencing.

What does remote chance mean?

: a very small possibility There’s a remote chance the hurricane will bypass our area.

What does galore mean?

: in large numbers or amounts : plentiful —used postpositivelybargains galoreThe New York Transit Museum spans a full block underground, with vintage cars galore.—