Quick Answer: Which Country Consumes The Most Products?

What is the most valuable US company?


Apple, the world’s most successful consumer electronics company, has a market cap of $2 trillion..

Which country is the largest consumer?

ChinaChina eyes becoming world’s largest consumer economy.

What is the largest market in the US?

What the Nielsen DMA Rankings 2019 Mean for Your PR Communication CampaignsRANKDESIGNATED MARKET AREA (DMA)% OF U.S.1New York6.4412Los Angeles4.7863Chicago2.9494Philadelphia2.555108 more rows

Which country has a higher share of household consumption spending relative to GDP?

LiberiaHousehold consumption, percent of GDP – Country rankings The highest value was in Liberia: 127.5 percent and the lowest value was in Brunei: 20.45 percent. The indicator is available from 1960 to 2019.

What is the oldest market in the world?

Grand BazaarThe Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is often cited as the world’s oldest continuously-operating, purpose-built market; its construction began in 1455.

What is the largest component of household income?

Household spending is called consumption and is the largest component of total spending in the economy.

Which country consumes the most per capita?

List of countries by household final consumption expenditure per capitaCountry & DistrictsHousehold expenditure per capita (constant 2011 Intl. $)YearHong Kong SAR38,2852018United States37,9032017Switzerland28,3202018Luxembourg28,2612018159 more rows

Which countries make the most household?

Gambia and Senegal have the world’s biggest households, with an average person living with a dozen or more family members, but living arrangements also are fairly expansive in larger countries, such as Pakistan, where the average individual experiences a household size of 8.5, Nigeria (7.7), and India (5.8).

What country consumes the most goods?

The United StatesThe United States: A Market and A Platform. The United States offers the largest consumer market on earth with a GDP of $20 trillion and 325 million people. Household spending is the highest in the world, accounting for more than a quarter of global household consumption.

Who has the strongest economy in the world 2020?

The Current Top Economies In fact, the U.S. and China are the dominant leaders in the top 10 largest economies. The others include: Japan at $5.2 trillion in 2019 and an estimated $5.4 trillion in 2020. Germany at $4.2 trillion in 2019 and an estimated $4.5 trillion in 2020.

Who is China’s biggest consumer?

List of largest trading partners of ChinaNo.Country / RegionExportsTotal2,263.31United States429.72European Union375.13Japan137.217 more rows

What are the 5 largest industries in the world?

Food is the largest industry on planet earth….The world bank puts food and agriculture at 10% of global domestic product.Illegal Drug Trade.Oil, and other energy.Food Industry.Tourism Industry.Financial Industry.IT Industry.Sex Industry.Pharmaceuticals Industry.