Quick Answer: How Do I Activate My Telkom 450gb Night Surfer?

How do I use my Telkom night data?

Accessing The Data BundlesHow To Access the data bundles: Dial *544# and select from any of the options.Choose option 3 (Data bundles) and then 1 Daily bundles: For 50 bob, you get 700MB and 2GB night data.

Choose option 5 for the mzito combo.

3GB + 100 Minutes + Night Data – 499/=.

How do I activate my Telkom SIM card?

If your order includes a router: While waiting for the SIM to be activated, you can insert the SIM into the router. The red light on the router confirms that the SIM is still inactive. Once the red light changes to a light green/blue colour, the SIM will be active.

How do I buy LTE bundles on Telkom?

LTE | How to top up your Telkom LTE dataNavigate to your Telkom App.You will get to the main dashboard on your screen.Navigate to accounts.Select Buy.Scroll through the list of options and select Data Bundles.Select the bundle type – LTE/LTE-A once off.Select your preferred bundle amount eg.More items…

How do I activate my Telkom night bundle?

This is a 5GB data bundle allocation available for use between 10pm and 6am every day….1. How to subscribe;Dial *544# from your mobile phone or tablet.Go to ‘My Telkom” app and select the #StayWoke data bundle to subscribe.Go to ‘www.myaccount.telkom.co.ke’ on your browser.

At what time does Telkom Night Surfer data start?

Telkom Night Time data is only valid from 00:00 (midnight) to 07:00 daily. Does Telkom LTE data roll over? Yes, in-bundle Anytime data will roll over for 30 days.

How do I get 500gb night data on Telkom?

The 500GB Night Surfer data works on Telkom LTE, LTE-A and 3G, and users who want to purchase this bundle can do so by dialing *180#.