Quick Answer: How Can I Block My Paytm Account Permanently?

How can I block my SIM card?

1 – Contact your telecoms providers: they can block your SIM card and thereby prevent any fraudulent use.

You will be asked for your telephone number, proof of ID and your client code.

2 – File a police report as soon as possible, including a description of your handset, and the serial and/or IMEI code..

How can I login my Paytm account without OTP?

Paytm OTP Bypass Trick : Transfer + Login without OTPUninstall the paytm app.Download and install the old version of paytm app from below link, … Login to your Paytm account without OTP.Now switch off the Internet.Open the app and go to Wallet option.After that, switch on the Internet and smoothly use the paytm app without OTP required for Login.

How do I activate UPI without a SIM card?

If you want to use UPI through same no then upgrade your SIM or use UPI through USSD in your dumb phone. Dial *99# and follow the instructions.

How can I talk to Paytm executive?

Paytm Customer Service Hotline Paytm facilitates its users with a customer service hotline to contact their team of customer service. In case anyone has an issue or complaint regarding their products and services, simply dial the following numbers: 0120–3888–388 (Toll-free) 9643979797.

How do I permanently delete my PayPal account?

How do I close my PayPal account?Click Settings next to “Log Out.”Click Close your account under “Account options.”Enter your bank account number if requested.Click Close Account.

Can we use Paytm without SIM?

How to use Paytm without Internet or smartphone? To do this, Paytm has launched a toll free phone number – 1800 1800 1234 – you will have to call it from your registered mobile number in order to set your PIN.

Can I close my Paytm bank account?

If you want to close your account, be sure you do not have any balance. The PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) guidelines – section 12, point no. … We will verify the request and close your account.

How can I unfreeze my Paytm account?

How To Unblock PayTM Cost Financial institution or PayTM AccountYou Should know your electronic mail ID for this Procesor.Login To Your Electronic mail Account And Compose a Mail.Handle it to Care@paytm.com.Topic Line Must be “Request To Unblock Paytm Account“.More items…•

How can I stop receiving messages from Paytm?

Tap the bill which you’d like to stop reminders. Go to the top right and select “Details”…To unsubscribe from our general mailing list, including announcements, promotions and deals:Go to “Profile/More”Tap “Settings”Toggle “Receive Email Updates” and confirm to unsubscribe.

How can I call Paytm?

Our customer care is available to help you 24*7. Currently, the helpline is available in English and Hindi. In case you need any further assistance, you can register your issue with us….Paytm 24*7 Customer Helpline Numbers.Movies and Events Tickets0120-4728-728Paytm Travel Tickets and Forex0120-4880-8801 more row

How can I block my Paytm account?

A. Temporarily Blocking Your Paytm AccountGo back to the previous menu.Select “I am unable to access my Account”From the options, select “I need to block my account”Submit the block request to us along with one proof of account ownership.We will send you a confirmation message post blocking your account.

How can I block my Paytm account if I lost my phone?

How to secure your account in case you have lost your phone?Step 1: Block your sim by contacting the telecom operator.Step 2: Call Paytm Payments Bank Helpline 0120 4456456.Step 3: Select ‘Report loss or unauthorize usage of wallet, debit card or savings account’ option.Step 4: Select ‘Lost Phone’ option.Step 5: Enter the Lost mobile number.More items…•

Why Paytm account is blocked?

If our system detects multiple accounts being operated from a single IP address, it blocks the accounts. To unblock your account, please write to us at paytm.com/care from your Paytm registered email ID with your bank statement that clearly shows transactions made on Paytm, and we will unblock your account.

How can I recover my old Paytm account?

Forgotten Your Paytm Password, Here’s What you Should do?DISCLAIMER.How To Reset Your Paytm Password:Step 1: You can call 0120–4888–488 from your Paytm registered mobile number.Step 2: Choose you language.Step 3: Press 1.Step 4: Click on the reset password link to enter a new password and confirm your password.

How we can use Paytm without bank account?

Steps to create Paytm account via web:Visit Paytm.com.Click on ‘Log In/Sign Up’ on the top-right corner of the page.Click on ‘Sign Up’Enter your mobile number, email address and a password.Click on ‘Create your Paytm Wallet’Enter the OTP, your First Name, Last Name and click on ‘Create your Paytm Wallet’More items…