Question: How Do You Buy Credits On IMVU?

How do you get free credits on IMVU?

How do you earn free IMVU Credits?Complete Quests.

You earn PTS by completing quests, watching videos, creating content and lots of other stuff.

Play Games.

Play games you’re playing every day and get more than entertainment from them.

Exchange to Rewards..

How do you get promo credits on IMVU?

Promo credits, likewise called “predits” for short, are an exceptional kind of credits you can procure and spend on the IMVU site. … Winning Promo Credits.You win 1,000 promo credits basically by making another record on IMVU, and 500 more by checking your email address in the wake of making your record.More items…

Is IMVU a dating site?

Imvu App. Imvu online virtual game, also considered as a dating platform, is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is also downloadable for computers which are more preferred by the members.

Can you gift with promo credits on IMVU?

Promo credits are credits without any value at all. While people can use them to buy things, those credits do not get sent to the creator(s), they just vanish. The promo credits can also not be used to gift someone or give to someone.

What is promo credit on IMVU?

Promo credits, also called “predits” for short, are a special type of credits you can earn and spend on the IMVU website. Unlike regular credits, which are purchased using real money, promo credits can be earned for free, allowing you to essentially get free items for your IMVU avatar.

How do you get credits on IMVU?

Earn free Credits by playing the Daily Spin game You can earn free credits everyday playing this fun game! Just log into IMVU Next or IMVU Mobile and spin! Daily Spin will be available once a day.

Is IMVU dangerous?

We believe this app is not safe for students to use without adult supervision. IMVU is the #1 avatar-based social experience. Users create custom avatars and use them to chat with strangers in random chats or 3D chat rooms.

How do I see Amazon promotional credits?

You can check your credit balance by clicking “Redeem a gift card or promotional code and View Balance” button, visible on every Digital Music detail page. 5. After your purchase, you can confirm that your credit was applied by checking your order confirmation, which will be sent to you by e-mail.

How much are credits on IMVU?

Regular credits are purchased in increments of 5,000, starting with 5,000 for $5. There is a discount that kicks in at 15,000 credits and increases incrementally the more credits that you buy. For example, 50,000 credits cost $44.95 and 300,000 credits cost $200.