Is Cred A App?

Is cred app safe?

the CRED app safety, Security: As the founder of CRED App had prior experience in handling millions of users on Freecharge, its safe to assume that the app is completely secure.

Privacy: The app has an option to allow email access for reading your statements..

What is cred app and how it works?

CRED is an app on which you add your multiple credit cards and make payments by the app itself, which gets credited to your bank in few hours. The app is exclusively for those people who have a good credit score (checked automatically from Experian or CRIF) and have some history of credit card payment.

How do you kill Bill in cred?

Trick is to pay in multiple of 1000 so that you get 1000 points scratch card every time. I pay in a sequence starting from 1000, 1000.01, 1000.02…. till the entire bill is paid.

Is cred profitable?

According to regulatory filings, Cred has recorded zero revenue from its operations with an overall burn of Rs 64 crore in the fiscal year 2018-19. The only respite was the Rs 3.03 crore it generated in interest on deposits.

Is cred app Indian?

Cred is the brainchild of Kunal Shah who also happens to be the founder of Freecharge. Just in case you have been living under the rock, Freecharge was the first digital payment wallet to hit the Indian market and was acquired by Snapdeal in the year 2015.

Who is the owner of cred?

Kunal ShahCred founder-CEO Kunal Shah Most second-time Indian entrepreneurs target the top 30-40 million customers because they know how difficult it is to monetise a business catering to everyone, Kunal Shah, founder and chief executive of fintech startup Cred, has told Moneycontrol.

How does cred app make money?

The company hopes to earn revenue by charging a fee for using Rentpay apart from revenue share from its credit line offering. It will also charge a fee from brands to list their products on ‘Discover’ platform where the users can spend CRED coins to avail discounts.

Is Kunal Shah married?

He was an MBA dropout from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) Kunal Shah belongs to a business family which primarily deals in pharmaceutical distribution in South Bombay. He got married to Bhavna Shah who is a freelance Graphic Designer.

Can I pay electricity through cred?

CRED is an app that saves all credit card details when you register on the platform. You can pay credit card bills through net banking, Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and the auto pay feature on the app. It only allows consumers with credit scores higher than 750 to join the CRED community and make the payments.

Is cred protect free?

Are there any CRED protect charges ? CRED protect is free, you will not be charged any fee for availing this feature from CRED platform.. on the contrary, this is a service designed to track hidden charges that may be levied by your bank.

Is Google Pay RBI approved?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has told the Delhi High Court that Google Pay is a third party app provider (TPAP) and does not operate any payment systems. … He has also contended that GPay does not figure in NPCI’s list of authorised ‘payment systems operators’ released on March 20, 2019.

Is cred app approved by RBI?

When you register for the first time for CRED membership, CRED verifies your credit score and credentials from RBI. As the registration process also takes the involvement of RBI, CRED app is eventually an RBI approved app. With the help of BHIM UPI, you can make a payment of your registered credit card bills online.

How do I pay my rent in cred?

How to pay house rent online with your credit card using CRED appInstall the app. The first step is to install the CRED app and sign up using your credentials. … Enter rent amount. In the given column, enter the rent amount to be paid. … Enter details. … Landlord details. … Enter address. … Transaction fee.

How do I get rid of cred app?

CRED account can be deleted through the Support section of Cred app. However, account deletion can only happen if there is no open unresolved claim or dispute on the account. or card. Do note, however, that the company may retain some information about your account for certain business reasons.

Does cred charge for apps?

CRED supports paying your rent through their app. The feature is called Rent Pay. CRED charges a 1.5% fee for letting you pay rent using credit cards. If you own a premium credit card, the net reward rate, after the CRED fees, will usually be positive.