How Much Money Has Dark Side Of The Moon Made?

I, personally, love both the albums but the ambiance DSOTM creates is unlike any other albums of Pink Floyd.

But it’s success was also fueled by the right timing.

Even it’s iconic album cover, the quadrophonic sound recording system, the gold plated records helped elevating it’s popularity..

What is the biggest selling album of all time?

ThrillerMichael Jackson’s Thriller, estimated to have sold 66 million copies worldwide, is the best-selling album.

Does the moon have a dark side?

The ‘dark side’ of the Moon refers to the hemisphere of the Moon that is facing away from the Earth. In reality it is no darker than any other part of the Moon’s surface as sunlight does in fact fall equally on all sides of the Moon.

What does Pink Floyd mean?

The name is derived from the given names of two blues musicians whose Piedmont blues records Barrett had in his collection, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. … It was around this time that Jenner suggested they drop the “Sound” part of their band name, thus becoming the Pink Floyd.

Who has sold the most records ever?

Check out the 50 best-selling music artists of all time by album sales:The Beatles — 183 million units.Garth Brooks — 156 million units. … Elvis Presley — 146.5 million units. … Eagles — 120 million units. … Led Zeppelin — 111.5 million units. … Billy Joel — 84.5 million units. … Michael Jackson — 84 million units. … More items…•

What makes Pink Floyd so good?

It’s because they had something to say, and made music to say it with. It’s also the energy they put into it, and they weren’t just trying to be as good as older bands the way new rockers are. … While there are a lot of good ideas and solos that come through Pink Floyd, they are not known for their overly complex music.

Is Dark Side of the Moon overrated?

Now, before you come call me an uncultured swine, I’m not at all saying this is a terrible album. While this is a very good album, it has plenty of its faults. … Many of its lyrics feel underwritten.

How many copies did Dark Side of the Moon sell?

There are hit albums, and then there’s Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd’s eternally popular song cycle has sold more than 15 million copies in the U.S. since its release on March 1st, 1973, and more than 45 million units worldwide.

Is Dark Side of the Moon the best selling album of all time?

The Dark Side of the Moon produced two singles: “Money” and “Us and Them” and ended up remaining on the chart for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988. With estimated sales of over 45 million, it is Pink Floyd’s best-selling album and one of the best-selling worldwide.

Which song has been number 1 the longest?

The songs that spent the longest at Number 1Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (14 weeks) … Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (14 weeks) … Slim Whitman – Rose Marie (11 weeks) … Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. … Tones and I – Dance Monkey (11 weeks) … David Whitfield – Cara Mia (10 weeks) … Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You (10 weeks) … Rihanna ft. Jay-Z – Umbrella (10 weeks)More items…•

What does dark side of moon mean?

The hemisphere is sometimes called the “dark side of the Moon”, where “dark” means “unknown” instead of “lacking sunlight” – both sides of the Moon experience two weeks of sunlight while the opposite side experiences two weeks of night.

How cold is the dark side of the moon?

During a full moon, however, the “dark side” is truly dark. Scientists estimate that the far side of the moon gets as hot as 260 degrees Fahrenheit (127 Celsius) during the day, and negative 297 (minus 183 Celsius) during the lunar night.

How long was Dark Side of the Moon in the charts?

950 weeksThe classic rock release has now racked up an unprecedented 950 weeks on the Billboard 200. No album has ever spent that much time on the chart.

What album stayed at #1 the longest?

Tapestry by Carole KingTapestry by Carole King holds the record for most consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 for any one album by a female solo artist with 15 weeks.

Who owns Dark Side of the Moon?

The album was promoted with two singles: “Money” and “Us and Them”. The Dark Side of the Moon is among the most critically acclaimed records in history, often featuring on professional listings of the greatest albums….The Dark Side of the MoonLength43:09LabelHarvestProducerPink FloydPink Floyd chronology11 more rows