How Do I Use Nexus To Pay?

How do I pay by Nexus?

How to Pay by DBBL NexusPayOpen DBBL NexusPay app on your mobile.Enter Password and select your cart on the top.Tap on the tick mark on the card.Enter the App password again and it will open your back camera to scan the QR code.Scan the above QR code and you will find as BDSP IT as Merchant Name and other info.More items….

How do I transfer money from Dbbl to other bank?

Go to Menu: My Payments->External Account Transfer->External Account Transfer(BEFTN)Select Source Account, Beneficiary Account, Amount, Narrative etc. as below.Then input the 2FA Token Passcode to confirm the transaction.

What is DBBL Nexus pay?

NexusPay from Dutch-Bangla Bank is the first fully cardless solution in Bangladesh. NexusPay works with all bank cards including Nexus, Visa, MasterCard, Dutch-Bangla Bank Agent Banking and Rocket Mobile Banking.

How do I use my DBBL ATM card?

Account holders can withdraw money from any DBBL ATM….Withdraw procedure from ATM Machine:Customer comes to ATM for withdrawal.Insert his card at ATM.Input amount.Input his PIN.ATM will dispense cash to customer.Customer will be notified through SMS, if mobile number is linked.