How Do I Transfer Money From My Ubi Mobile App?

Does Union Bank charge for transfers?

Transferring money online is fast and easy.

You can transfer funds between your Union Bank accounts, to your UnionBanc Investment Services Portfolio Connection account, or even to or from bank accounts outside Union Bank.

Online Banking and Transfers are free.

Other charges, such as stop payments may apply..

How can I transfer money through SMS?

Fund Transfer For making a funds Transfer, send following SMS to 9223440000: You will get a message that your IMPS transaction is successful.

How can I transfer money from Union Bank to another bank?

How to transfer funds:Under Send/Request tap on “Other Banks”.Select “InstaPay” as an option.Select an account to transfer funds from.Enter the receiving account details. Next, enter the amount and schedule the transaction.Review and confirm the transaction.

How much does Union Bank charge for a wire transfer?

Union Bank International transfer fees tableUnion Bank TransactionFee¹ per transferIncoming wire transfer$15Outgoing international wire transfer (foreign currency) via direct access$35Outgoing international wire transfer (foreign currency) in person, at a branch$405 more rows•Mar 27, 2018

How can I transfer money from United Bank of India ATM?

How to do Account to Account Funds Transfer via ATM?Visit an ATM and insert the ATM/debit card.Choose the preferred language.Enter the debit card PIN and click ‘Yes’ to continue.Then choose the “Fund Transfer” option provided at the bottom most corner of the ATM display.Enter the beneficiary’s bank and account number.

How can I use Ubi mobile banking?

Step 1: Install the app and validate the account. Step 2: After the login is successful, the customer will be able to access various banking features like checking United Bank savings account balance, fund transfer and applying for a mobile wallet.

How can I transfer money from Union Bank to another bank account?

Process to Transfer Funds through NEFT from Union Bank to any BankStep 1: Log on to the Union Bank website and enter the internet banking account by providing relevant username and password.Step 2: Go to the ‘Transfers’ option and click on ‘NEFT/RTGS Transfers’More items…

How can I add beneficiary in United Bank of India app?

Select Banking from main menu →Select Fund Transfer from Banking services→select to other bank→select NEFT payment→ select the debit a/c → enter mPIN→ ok→ select beneficiary→enter the amount→confirm the beneficiary name and amount→Transaction status will be displayed.

How can I get bank statement of United Bank of India?

Account Statement : On “Home Page” click on “Account Statement” and select the transaction period. Verify your registered email id with Bank reflected on the screen. Click on “Progress” to send the account statement to the email id.

How can I transfer money from United Bank of India?

Inter Bank fund transfer – Inter-Bank Fund Transfer will be through NEFT or IMPS. NEFT- The Customer will be able to transfer fund to accounts with other Banks after registration of the beneficiary. IMPS – The Customers are now able to send / receive funds to/from other Banks 24X7 through IMPS.

What details are required for online money transfer?

What details do you need to transfer money?The date you want the payment to be made.Name of the person or business you’re paying.Six-digit sort code of the account you’re paying.Eight-digit account number of the account you’re paying.More items…

How can I transfer money online without internet banking?

You can transfer funds from your phone without internet…You simply need to dial *99# on the phone, and wait for a few seconds.The service options—transferring funds using your mobile number, UPI ID, IFSC and bank account number, and so on—will appear on your screen.

How do I find my user ID for Union Bank?

In case you forget the User Id for Internet Banking Services, please contact your branch. You can email to giving your details such as name, account number, your date of birth / address etc. which can help to identify you, and your User ID will be informed to you.

What is Mobanking?

Mobile banking refers to the use of a smartphone or other cellular device to perform online banking tasks while away from your home computer, such as monitoring account balances, transferring funds between accounts, bill payment and locating an ATM.

How do I transfer money from Ubi app?

Union Bank Of India – NEFT / RTGS. Both NEFT & RTGS modules are available as a single module inside our Internet Banking application. So you have to login to our Internet Banking Service, go to “Transactions” menu, select “Fund Transfer & Payments” option and go to Fund Transfer to Other UBI Account.

How can I register for Ubi mobile banking?

All rights reserved.v. Select ‘New user’.vi. Enter the application password.vii. Enter new application password and confirm.viii. Enter the mPIN .ix. Enter new mPIN and confirm.x. Select communication mode – SMS or GPRS.xi. Go To My setup →customer profile→update.xii.

What is MPIN in Ubi?

Ans: mPIN is a four-digit numeric password generated on registration which is used by the mobile banking system to authenticate the transactions. Page 3. FAQ on United mBank. 3 ©United Bank of India, 2012.