Can We Transfer Money From Paytm To Other Bank Account?

Can we cancel Paytm money transfer?

Funds transferred once to a person cannot be claimed or reversed by Paytm.

Various regulatory agencies make it very clear that no-one can claim or reverse such funds and only the account owner can give consent to its bank to withdraw such funds.

Paytm wallet to Paytm wallet..

Can we transfer money from ATM card to other bank account?

Add money to your wallet using your ATM Card or Net Banking or Credit card etc. … In the Send money to the bank, tap on the Transfer button. On the Transfer balance to the bank page, Enter the beneficiary details (like Account number, name, IFSC Code and amount) and tap on Proceed and confirm the payment process.

What is the limit of Paytm wallet?

Rs. 10,000Paytm wallet has a basic monthly limit set by RBI. This means you cannot keep or spend more than Rs. 10,000 in your wallet in a month.

Which wallet to bank transfer is free?

Charges for Oxigen WalletServicesChargesFull KYC WalletWallet to Wallet ( W2W)FreeWallet to Bank Account ( W2A)For customers, 2% of transaction amount. (Minimum Rs.5)Wallet to Non-WalletFree13 more rows

Which wallet charges less for bank transfer?

Phonepe upi application provides you the service ‘wallet to bank transfer’ without any charges. But there is a limit, you can transfer only 5000 in a transaction. And if you are in need to transfer more than this amount, you can do multiple transaction one by one.

How can I send money through Paytm wallet?

To do so, follow these steps:Open the Paytm app.On the app home screen, tap on the ‘Pay or Send’ option.Tap on the “Mobile No.” option.Enter the mobile number of the person to which you want to pay or send the money. … Enter the desired amount.Tap on the ‘Send Money’ button to proceed with the payment.

How can I get my money back from Paytm?

Don’t fret if you have added money to your Paytm wallet by mistake….Here’s are the steps to follow:To return the amount to your source bank account, simply go to the transaction in your passbook and tap on the ‘Return To Bank’ option.Tap on confirm and the amount will be refunded to your source bank account.More items…

Can I transfer money from Paytm to other bank account?

Paytm offers you a platform to pay or transfer money through different modes of payment. While money transfers from one bank account to another are free of cost, there is a 5% convenience fee for transferring money from your Paytm wallet to a bank account.

Can we transfer money from Paytm to bank account without charges?

Paytm Wallet to Bank account transfer is easy and you can send money to the bank at no extra charges as well. Also, check how to send money from Paytm postpaid to the wallet. Paytm Postpaid offers a credit limit of up to Rs. 60,000 to users.

Can I send money back to my bank account from Paytm?

At this time, we don’t allow the transfer of money from your Paytm wallet to your bank account. Double-check the amount before starting any payment or transferring money from your bank account.

Can we transfer money from Paytm to Google pay?

10,000 a month to another user. We have made this process extremely simple and convenient. Update your Paytm app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. To send money to other user’s wallet, add their Mobile Number.

How can I refund my money from Paytm?

You can do this by tapping on the respective recharge in the ‘My Orders’ option of ‘Profile’ in the Paytm app. Upon cancellation, you will get the full refund within 24 hrs in your Paytm wallet. You can also take the refund amount easily to your your source bank/ card by going in Passbook on your Paytm app.