How to win money at a bookmaker

Many gambling lovers in casinos have probably heard about bookmakers, such as https://pin-up.bet and sports betting, and there are those who even tried to win money on it. Surprisingly, most poker or roulette players are skeptical of the idea of ​​winning money at a bookmaker. Indeed, this type of gambling has its own specifics. In fact, a lot, a lot of specifics, and winning money at the bookmaker is not at all easy.

Difference between betting and gambling

The main difference between a game in a bookmaker’s office and a game in a casino is that sports bets will not make you a millionaire overnight. And if in a casino you can even hit the “big jackpot” (for example, win money on a slot machine) within a couple of minutes, then in sports forecasting this is impossible in principle. When choosing a sporting event for a bet, you know exactly how much money you can win with a favorable outcome. Of course, purely theoretically, you can win money from just one dollar by “raising” a few hundred bucks (or even several thousand, but this is just kind of fiction) by charging a “multi-kilometer” “express” (that is, combining several events in one bet, when an error in predicting at least one outcome leads to the loss of the entire “express”). However, we strongly do not recommend this (as well as betting with expresses, but more on that below) – this is a bad strategy for playing in bookmakers and, to win money, this method is hardly suitable.

To win money, experienced players use only single bets. And this means that, you definitely can’t win more money than by the winning ratio. Here the winnings, on average, range from 50% to 70% of the bet amount, and some casino players say that it’s quite possible to win 10 times more money in roulette with a thousand dollars in just a couple of hours.

It really is. However, there is one, but extremely important circumstance that changes everything: no roulette system will allow you to do it REGULARLY. You can win money today, increase your winnings tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow lose outright. Each player in an online casino can get to this sad but irrefutable fact, as they say, “in their own skin”: in a couple of months you can sell your own small business, then when this money goes to the “damned roulette”, you’ll get into big debts and hiding from creditors.

Unlike playing in a casino, sports betting is an intellectual process. Do not smile, that’s exactly it. And success here is 80% up to you. More precisely, from your ability to analyze. Moreover, in order to win money from the bookmaker, this analysis must be absolutely impartial. If you are an ardent fan of a small team, but bitterly understand that in your tomorrow’s Champions League match against Barcelona, ​​your beloved team has no chance – without a moment’s doubt, bet on the Catalans to win money. By the way, such cases are not uncommon, and it is best to bet on a small amount – if that very small club wins, the joy of winning a favorite club will surely “kill” the disappointment of losing a small amount of money. Well, if Barcelona prevails, it will at least win money.

In order to win money from a bookmaker, any player has one extremely important advantage, which, for some reason, rarely anyone thinks about. But thanks to him, you get a real head start, which will help you win money. It consists in the following: when making a bet, you can choose an event. At the leading bookmakers, the line is always quite wide, and, analyzing it correctly, an experienced player will always find a couple of events where you can win money. The bookmaker is deprived of the right to choose: he must give odds for ALL more or less serious matches and championships.