How to Check the Legality of Online Gambling – Gambling Guide

If you are unfamiliar with the internet gambling laws of your city, state, or country, then there are several ways that you can inquire. Whether you are a casual or frequent online gambler, it is important to always stay updated with such issues, as they are ever-changing.

  • Government laws and restrictions
  • Online casino support
  • Payment methods and online gambling restrictions
  • Updated industry news

It would help if you had some idea about the legality of online gambling in your area, yet specific details are a must, and this is what we shall find out now.

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1 .Check your government’s laws regarding internet gambling

Every government will have a website at which you can perform a simple search and receive information on laws regarding your topic. Just type “government” and your country’s name in a search database such as Google or Yahoo in order to receive the address. Alternatively, contact your city council for further contact information. Sometimes there is even a customer service operator that can be contacted by phone or email with such inquiries.

2. Ask your online casino what’s legal

Online casinos are the most updated when it comes to internet gambling laws. All reputable online casinos offer 24 hour support services for its members, and contact details for information and other inquiries. Do not hesitate to get on the phone and ask one of their operators, or write them an email. You can be sure they know what they’re talking about.

3 . Verify internet gambling restrictions with your bank

If any law restricting internet gambling has been implemented in your country or state, national banks are sure to be informed. This is because they handle several forms of online payment methods, such as credit cards, e-cheque, and other transaction services to online casinos. The customer service department will usually be able to tell you if such transactions are lawful or not, which will be a good indicator as to what the legality of internet gambling in your area is.

4. Read online gambling news sites for any changes

All updated daily/weekly news sites for online gambling industry news will announce any major or minor changes made to laws as they occur. If you have a rough idea of what your area’s laws are, yet are not sure, this will probably be able to clear it up.
Even after verifying what the laws are in your location, make sure you stay informed regularly by reading industry news – even the smallest modification to a law can affect you directly.